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Cold Box Transportation and Erection

Silencer for Gas Turbine
Thailand/RPCT 2x700 mw HRSG.
Size : ID7,000 mm. x H2,100 mm.

Compact Manifold for Off-Shore Platform

Aluminum Furnace 20 tons
Size : OD2,600 mm. x L2,700 mm.
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Piping Installation

Sub Sea Pipeline & Crossing Frame;
Gas Thai & Malaysia Project


Tank&Silo PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล
 Carbon Steel Silo
Size : OD2,900 mm. x 8,713L mm.
  Filter Tank
Size : OD4,000 mm. x H4,500 mm.
 Carbon Steel Storage Tank
Size : OD20,000 mm. x 8,713L mm.
   Stainless Steel Storage Tank
Size : OD9,000 mm. x 8,713L mm.
 Incinerator (For Decrease Nox)
Carbon Black Project
  Main Filter BagCarbon
Black Project



Steel Structure PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล


Above ground piping & Steel Structure Work
(Expansion Project GSP5)  Size : 300,000DB/ 3,000Tons

Steel Structure for On-Shore Compressor
Weight 350 tons

Steel Pipe Rack
Weight : 1,500 Tons

Column Tower PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล

TOPSOE Convection Reformer
Replacement of Bayonet Tubes (Inconel 690)
Size : OD1,344 mm. x 9,660L mm.

 Stainless Steel Column (AISI 316L)
Size : ID1,900 mm. x TL20,000 mm
 Installation of Stabilizer Column


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