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 ISO 9001:2000  R-Stamp Certificate S-Stamp Certificate U-Stamp Certificate  ASME Certificate
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 Company Profile 2017  Presentation 2017
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Health, Safety And Environment Policy 
   Our Company considers Safety, Health and Environment as one of its prime objectives.

Our Management  considers  all incidences like near miss, minor and major

Injuries, and fire hazards to be preventable.

   All the fabrication units and their supporting services shall adopt techniques for safe handling, storing and disposing of all substances safely and without creating unacceptable risk to equipment, human life, and  the environment.   All activities relating to construction and maintenance including contract services shall also ensure safe practices.
   The Company shall continue to follow all statutory regulations related to occupational safety, health and environment.

It shall adopt its own Safety and Health standards, where such laws or regulations may not be available, to prevent accidents and incidents.
   The Company shall continue to impart training in Safety and Occupational Health to all its employees utilizing both in-house and outside-specialized institutes.
   The Company shall continue to give due consideration to integrate Health and Safety in all decisions including those dealing with purchase of Plant, Equipment, Machinery and Material as well as selection and placement of personnel...