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We take Pleasure in introducing Boonyanuch Engineering Co., Ltd. a renowned fabrication firm, capable of manufacturing Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Drums and structures such as cement plant construction, conveyors. We also manufacture equipment or systems which use high precision measurement and are in a position to prove our successful and excellent performance in all respects in the field of the stated categories. We would like to advise that we have a well organized team, principally we apply strict planning and Quality Control, milestone targets, Zero Accidents, Trustworthy, Job Satisfaction and Warm Relationship with our Clients which has resulted in us being able to complete successfully a number of large projects in the field of Petrochemical, Textile , Plastics, Paper Industry and Electric power plants, etc.

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Multimedia and Activated Filter

Size : ID2,800 mm. x TL3,500 mm. Read more

LP Intermediate Drum

-Read more

Vacuum Vessel (For Industrial Microware)

Size : ID500 mm. x TL1,000 mm. Read more

Stainless Steel Tank

Size : ID2,000 mm. x TL2,200 mm. Read more

Design and Fabrication of Extrusion Hopper

Size : ID2,200 mm. x TL7,796 mm.Read more

Flare Blow Down Drum “U-Stamp”

Size : ID3,500 mm. x TL12,000 mm.Read more

Subsidiary Company

HYDRODYNE SERVICE CO., LTD. Your Professional Industrial Cleaning Partner High and Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting up to 2500 bar, Concrete Cleaning, Refurbishing o rDemolition, Vacuum Suction of Wet and Dry Materials. www.hydrodyne.co.th

  • 20k Domains Sold in 2017
  • 4k Website Created


SHOP - Design, Calculation and Manufacture Services FIELD Installation and Maintenance Services

Hi-Boil Column Re-Boiler (with Double Tube Sheets)

Complete Re-tubing works, Tube A-179

Size : ID2,800 mm. x TL3,500 mm.



TOPSOE Convection Reformer

Replacement of Bayonet Tubes (Inconel 690)

Size : OD1,344 mm. x 9,660L mm.



Above ground piping & Steel Structure Work

(Expansion Project GSP5) Size : 300,000DB/ 3,000Tons