Heat Exchanger PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล

Hi-Boil Column Re-Boiler (with Double Tube Sheets)
Complete Re-tubing works, Tube A-179
Size : ID2,800 mm. x TL3,500 mm.

Re-Tubing and Upgrading of H/E and Channel Head
Size : ID1,700 mm. x 8,825L mm.

 Full Re-Tubing of Heat Exchanger   Complete On-Site Re-Tubing
 Complete Replacement of Tube Bundle   New Heat Exchanger Fabrication
Size : ID1,165 mm. x TL8,500 mm.
Heat Exchanger 12E5
Size : ID1,016 mm. x 6,090L mm.
  Special Designed Tube Bundle Insert
Size : ID1,740 mm. x TL5,000 mm.

Upgrading of Heat Exchanger


Tube Measuring and Pressure Testing

Fabrication of Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Up-Grading & Modification of Tower Side Re-Boiler
1,425 U-Tubes, SA213-TP304,
Shell SA537 Cl-1, DesignTemp.-45C
Size : OD2,200 mm. x 10,700 mm.
  Fabrication of 2nd Stage Heater
Material : Stainless Steel
Economizer & Evaporator Block for Waste Heat Boiler
Tube50.8 x 90 Tubes/Block
  Tube Sheet Drilling by CNC


CNC Under Water Plasma Cutting



Pressure Vessel PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล


Multimedia and Activated Filter
Size : ID2,800 mm. x TL3,500 mm.
   LP Intermediate Drum

Vacuum Vessel (For Industrial Microware)
Size : ID500 mm. x TL1,000 mm.


Stainless Steel Tank
Size : ID2,000 mm. x TL2,200 mm.


Design and Fabrication of Extrusion Hopper
Size : ID2,200 mm. x TL7,796 mm.


Flare Blow Down Drum “U-Stamp”
Size : ID3,500 mm. x TL12,000 mm.


Flare Blow Down Drum “U-Stamp”
Size : ID3,500 mm. x TL12,000 mm.

  Surge Drum –Material : SA516-70
Size : ID3,800 mm. x TL18,200 mm

D78103 Decanter Drum
Size : ID800 mm. x TL3,150 mm.


Filter Dehydration Unit (GSP#1)


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